A high quality premium Persian rug can easily be priced over your furnishing budget. However, when you consider the beautiful rug’s distinctive charm and durability you will begin to see the purchase as an investment. Persian rugs have been produced for over four thousand years and give any modern interior space an instant touch of luxury.

Many expensive Persian rugs are made from the strongest natural silk threads, although less expensive cotton rugs are also appealing. Whether made from silk or cotton the Persian rug will display history in the weave, design, pattern and colours used to create the stunning carpet. The investment piece may depict battles won and lost, religious beliefs, superstition, tragic love stories or an important leader.

Persian rugs are desirable collector pieces that are made to last. Each rug combines quality, distinctive design and authenticity. The value of an authentic Persian rug is timeless and they are often displayed like a work of art. Persian rugs are considered an investment because they beautifully translate the history, art and life of Persian culture. Each rug will be valued for quality, authenticity, rarity and durable condition.

An expensive Persian rug is highly collectable and can be resold if you have invested in the best quality carpet. Each rug can take a year to be made from the finest, richest silks that are handwoven and knotted by hand, to create a luxurious silken feel under foot. Silk on silk Persian rugs are handwoven with fine silk thread onto a foundation of silk. This level of professional craftsmanship equals the artistic skill and quality of an artist’s canvas.

It is also worth noting that a Persian rug over 30 years old is seen as a collectable investment, and a rug that is older than 80 years has genuine antique value.