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Can traditional and contemporary work well together? It’s a debate amongst artists, designers, architects and interior designers that sees no sign of ending. In a world where modern glass buildings dwarf their Victorian neighbours of yesteryear without making either look out of place, the debate continues.

Does An Oriental Rug Have a Place in a New Home?

This is a common question on web forums with people moving into newly built homes that come with magnolia walls and marble kitchens. And our answer is yes.

Whilst at first glance an oriental or Persian rug may seem only at home amongst a traditional setting with similarly traditional ornaments dominating a rustic antique piece of furniture, it’s just as likely to find a place amongst pastel coloured walls and polished flooring. In fact, an oriental rug is often something that can be used to add that final touch of class to an otherwise minimalist design.

This certainly isn’t the first issue of contemporary vs modern that designers have to solve. When a couple decide to move in together, the scene is set for a clash as each brings their own (and sometimes conflicting) preferences with them.

Where Else Does Traditional meet Contemporary? A Few Examples

The world is changing rapidly and there are those who a clinging on to the past whilst others push towards the future.

In Interior & Exterior Design: The Edgemoor Residence


Source: http://freshome.com/2013/01/31/modern-edgemoor-residence-adapted-to-a-traditional-neighborhood/

This home in Maryland, USA breaks all the rules by combining traditional and contemporary design. Even the interiors feature a beautiful rug beneath modern furnishings.

City Planning: Birmingham City Centre


Source: http://visitbirmingham.com/what-to-do/shopping/shopping-centres/bullring/

In Birmingham city centre, the new Bulling shopping centre features the infamous Selfridges building. Just metres away sits St Martins church which was built over 120 years earlier. This peculiar combination of contemporary and traditional is now a popular photo opportunity.

These two examples serve as confirmation that beauty can be found in the combination of traditional and contemporary.

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