Hertfordshire’s Leading Experts in Oriental Rug Cleaning

RL Rose Ltd has over 100 years of experience in cleaning Oriental Rugs.

As members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, we exemplify what it takes to be industry leaders in the cleaning of Oriental rugs.

Our staff have spent years honing their skills in handmade cleaning of fine rugs so you can rest assured that your Oriental rug is in safe hands with us.

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I’ve used these guys to clean my rugs for years and they are they best. They always arrive on time and deliver back to me when they say they will. The staff are always friendly and polite and rugs always come back amazing clean. There is no other company I would trust more than these guys.

Trevor Rundle

Hand Cleaning Oriental Rug Experts in Hertfordshire

100 Years of Experience in cleaning Oriental Rugs

Our experience speaks for itself. RL Rose Ltd has over a century of trust built on a foundation of competence, ability and care.

A Family Run Business

RL Rose Ltd has been in the same family for five generations. We have instilled our family pride and passion into our work.

Members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

We are backed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen who recognise us as experts in the cleaning of Oriental rugs and carpets

Purpose Built Workshop near Hertfordshire

RL Rose Ltd have a purpose built Oriental rug cleaning workshop based near Hertfordshire providing you with a regular pick-up and delivery service

repairing a Persian Rug
the Guild of Master Craftsmen logo

Members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

Staff at RL Rose Ltd are experiences professionals and the best choice for the cleaning and care of your Oriental rug or carpet.

Our ability and skill in repairing and restoring rugs is backed by the Guild accordingly and is your reassurance of the quality of our work over the last 100 years.

First Choice For Rug Cleaning in Hertfordshire

RL Rose of London have been a favourite choice for rug cleaning in Hertfordshire since our inception over 100 years ago.

Our rug cleaning experts have been trusted for over a century due to our meticulous traditional hand cleaning methods that comprise a high-quality product, excellent customer service and the highest level of care for your Persian or oriental rug. The typical cleaning process includes the 6 steps as outlined. We only use rug cleaning methods and materials that are kind to the natural fibres of rugs and enjoy nothing more than seeing the original vibrancy and colour of a rug brought back to life.

This is why we are your first choice for rug cleaning in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire's Oriental Rug Hand Cleaning Experts

We do not use cleaning machines on your fine rugs. Our craftsmen are all skilled in traditional hand cleaning techniques

Effective Drying Specialists

Cleaning your Oriental rug is just the start – we ensure that your rug is properly dried so that it smells fresh and remains flat

Dye Run

If your rug has suffered from colour or dye run then we can restore the colours to their original vibrance using traditional methods

Delivered and Replaced

Our staff will pick up and deliver your Oriental rug, making sure that it is replaced in the same place that they picked it up from

Trusted for over 100 years as Master Craftsmen with Skill and Expertise