Making your house your home is of course largely down to the items you decide to bring through your front door and place in the rooms. When choosing ornaments, furniture, storage options etc, we’re naturally judging the item on both its own merit, and also on how well it contributes in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps there’s a lamp you like but just can’t picture it in your living room against the backdrop of the wallpaper.

The same is naturally true of what you place underfoot, albeit with specific requirements. A wooden floor has many advantages over carpet such as the ability to clean up a spill without worrying about staining the pile.

One thing a wooden floor doesn’t always give is a feeling of warmth and comfort and undoubtedly this is something homeowners are looking for. To accomplish this, an area rug is often a sensible option.

Persian and Oriental rugs are perfect in the role of area rug and have the added advantage of being elaborate and comprehensive enough to fill a room without covering the whole floor area. The fresh combination of polished wood alongside the classic patterns and design of a Persian rug create a feeling of comfort and sophistication.

A contemporary vs traditional environment

The combination of wood and Persian rug is suitable for both a contemporary décor and a more traditional outfit and even accommodates options in between which are becoming popular these days.

It’s important to remember that whilst the wooden flooring in your room requires very little maintenance, the rug will still need the attention it deserves which may include professional treatment at times. The wooden flooring won’t make it immune to children or pets!

Colour Options

Neither Persian rugs nor wooden flooring come in one colour option. You have the freedom to match dark woods with deep reds and lighter woods with shades of blue. As with any area of design, there are rarely any right answers, it’s simply a case of judging a combination on its merits.

In essence, a wooden floor and a Persian rug is a viable, interesting and suitable combination, just as long as you get the right match.