Specialist Persian & Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental Rug repair & Persian rug repair specialists in London. On most oriental carpets and rugs the first place to show signs of wear or damage is the sides and ends commonly known as the cords and fringes.

We advise that a prevention repair or a weave in some cases be done as soon as possible to stop further unravelling or deterioration. This also applies to holes or splits as if not repaired promptly they will only get worse. With regards to stains and colour run we can help by offering an invisible stain and colour run removal service.

Moths can be a nuisance and sometimes cause serious damage to oriental carpets, rugs & runners. We can eliminate moth grubs from the carpet and also reweave any pile damage or strengthen any weakened areas.

We specialize in a very high standard of invisible mending and reweaving large and small holes, from very fine Persian pieces to large knotted Turkish carpets and rugs.

About Our Rug Cleaning Services

Over 100 years experience in repairing all types of Oriental/ Persian rugs and carpets make us an industry leader.

All customers carpets and rugs are treated with extreme care. We understand how to correctly handle your rug or carpet.

All customers carpets and rugs are repaired on site within our premises. We do not outsource any work.

All customers carpets and rugs are repaired in our premises by our experts. No jobs are outsourced.

Carpets and rugs are uplifted by our own staff daily in London and weekly throughout the rest of England and Wales.

Examples of Our Rug Repair Services


Expert Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning Services


Expert Persian & Oriental Rug Repair Services


Expert Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning Workshop

If you are unsure about how to care for your rug and would like to speak with us, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.