London’s Leading Experts in Rug Repair

RL Rose has over 100 years of experience in repairing and restoring Oriental, Persian & Contemporary Rugs.

As members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, we exemplify what it takes to be industry leaders in the care of Oriental rugs.

Our staff have spent years honing their skills in handmade care and repair of fine rugs so you can rest assured that your Oriental rug is in safe hands with us.

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This company was very honest and easy to deal with. On examination of my rug they told me how the repair would be carried out and how it would look once the work was done. The end result really surpassed my expectations. The cost of the work was fair given the hours they must have put in and I would gladly recommend them to anyone who needs a delicate antique rug repaired.

Maddy Glen

Leading the way in Repairing & Restoration Rugs


100 Years of Experience in Repairing Oriental, Persian & Contemporary Rugs

Our experience speaks for itself. RL Rose has over a century of trust built on a foundation of competence, ability and care.


A Family Run Business

RL Rose has been in the same family for five generations. We have instilled our family pride and passion into our work.


Members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

We are backed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen who recognise us as experts in the care and repair of Oriental rugs and carpets


Purpose Built Workshop in London

RL Rose have a purpose built rug repair workshop based in the heart of London providing you with same day pick-up and delivery.

Oriental Rug Mending
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Members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

Staff at RL Rose are experiences professionals and the best choice for the repair and care of your Oriental rug or carpet.

Our ability and skill in repairing and restoring rugs is backed by the Guild accordingly and is your reassurance of the quality of our work over the last 100 years.

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Invisible Mending Experts

We can repair most holes whether they are large or small and pride ourselves on being able to complete repair work leaving a near invisible mend quality


Moth & Pet Damage

We can eliminate moth grubs and repair moth damage as well as eliminate bad odours left my pets and animals



Our staff are highly skilled in hand weaving Oriental & Persian rugs and carpets to restore your fine rug to it’s original splendour


Dye Run

If your rug has suffered from colour or dye run then we can restore the colours to their original vibrance using traditional methods.

Trusted for over 100 years as Master Craftsmen with Skill and Expertise