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A local rug cleaning company might be on your agenda now or in the near future. It is likely that you will head for your laptop or mobile phone, go to Google and type in what you need: rug cleaner near me or something similar.

…and so, your search begins.

The likelihood is your Google results page will show you:

  • Some sponsored listings at the top from nearby rug cleaning companies
  • Up to 4 Google Ads from rug cleaning companies that are paying to show at the top of the page
  • A map with some pins in it displaying local rug cleaning companies
  • Possibly a little bar giving you options on slightly different search terms like trusted rug cleaning, professional rug cleaning, etc.
  • Some drop down options entitled ‘People also ask’ – similar questions that Google thinks you might be interested in like is it worth getting an area rug cleaned? Or how much does it cost to clean a Persian rug?
  • 10 organic listings that make up the actual results of the page
  • Maybe a few more Google ads for more rug cleaning companies at the bottom
  • Some related searches under those
  • More information below

…and that was just page 1 of the results…

We did a quick search on to see how many rug cleaners were around. Here are the results that show the number of companies that you can choose from:

  • Rug cleaners near London – 250
  • Rug cleaners near Surrey – 250
  • Rug cleaners near Hampshire – 240
  • Rug cleaners near Berkshire – 175
  • Rug cleaners near Essex – 250
  • Rug cleaners near Kent – 250

The lists go on; and they are not in any particular order either. At least, nothing that can significantly put the best at the front and the worst at the back.

searching for local rug cleaner

It becomes obvious rather quickly that there will be a lot of companies out there who want a piece of the action but from the consumers perspective, how do you know which companies are better than others? What are the true indicators of the quality of service that you might expect to receive?

How can you be confident that your hard-earned money will result in the desired outcome?

If you are the proud owner of a Persian, Oriental or contemporary rug or carpet and want to be sure that your area rug will be cleaned or repaired by a reputable and respectable company, then read on to find out which trust indicators you should look out for in a specialist rug cleaning company. All of these examples are, of course, from RL Rose.


RL Rose have been cleaning carpets for over 100 years. Think about that for a moment: 100 years of experience, trust, consistency and resilience. If a rug cleaning business has survived wars, recessions, slumps and more recently a lengthy lockdown then that is because it is being paid by customers who trust them to deliver a good service and a good product time after time. Our customers know what they get because they have experienced the exceptional quality of our hand cleaning methods before.


The Rose family have been owners and directors of RL Rose since 1919. 5 generations of the same family have remained in the family business (so far). This is one reason why the consistent high standard of service that RL Rose offer has been trusted for so long: because nothing changes! As a family run business, RL Rose is treated as such which is different to a corporate firm with a board of directors. The reputation lies directly with the family who pass the business down through the generations


RL Rose are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. In order to become a member, a business has to meet certain criteria:

  • RATED AND TRUSTWORTHY – The Guild will assess a business on application for trustworthiness and to ensure that their business practices as well as their expertise is legitimate. Once accepted, a member must uphold the aims and objectives of the Guild in order to remain a member. In the event of any dispute, Guild members will adhere to a proven method of reconciliation thereby giving customers of Guild member businesses the reassurance that they will be treated fairly.
  • PROMOTE QUALITY – a member of the Guild will have their business listed on Discerning customers will use this site to find businesses that are backed by the Guild to be experienced, professional and experts in their field.


There is nothing wrong with any business having testimonials on a website but no businesses will add a bad testimonial to their website. For this reason, we direct our website visitors to our Google page with the Google icon in our website footer so that people can read reviews on a public platform that cannot be interfered with.

No company can alter a real Google review left by a client (which is the same for Facebook or many other review sites). At the time of writing, RL Rose has a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The only reviews that fall below 5 stars were a couple of reviews from 4 years ago from people who left one star, no comments and were not customers. This happens sometimes. All of our other reviews are 5 stars and have detailed comments next to them. We encourage anyone looking for a service to read all reviews to get a clear picture of what paying customers think about the business.


If you want your rug to be cleaned it is because you want it to look and feel clean and fresh and not tarnished by time. We believe that website should be the same! If you are looking for a local rug cleaner, does their website reflect their business?

  • Is the website up to date and modern?
  • Is the information correct?
  • Does everything appear correctly?
  • Is the last blog written recently or a few years ago?

Look for indicators that the website is looked after. This is the shop front for a business and you wouldn’t go into a shop to buy something if it looked run down, out of date and not fresh.


In the same way as the website should be current: if a rug cleaning business is really proud of what they do, their social media (or any platform that they own) should be engaging, up to date and interesting.



When looking online for a local rug cleaning company, everything should speak volumes about what the company do and who they are. Their website and online platforms should be up to date, engaging and interesting. Their social media should be updated and informative. Reviews should be plentiful and impressive. Association memberships should speak volumes about craftsmanship and quality.

Whilst you are now informed about what you look for when researching specialist rug cleaning companies, you are likely to now have all the information that you need!

All that remains is for us to say that our phone number is 0203 515 0101 and that we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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