Buying something new for the home that’s likely to be on prominent display involves a multitude of considerations from price through to questions such as ‘will the cat try to fight it?’ Alongside this, we have to consider how long something is realistically going to last or how long it will be until it deteriorates beyond a point that it is no longer aesthetically pleasing and needs to be replaced. This is one of the motivating factors when choosing an item that may not be the cheapest, but will indeed last longer than ‘five minutes’.

Of course, purchasing a prominent item that also has a functional use such as a refrigerator requires thought beyond its aesthetic purpose, there are factors such as energy efficiency, helpful or time-saving features etc. But what about items that are purely there to look wonderful or complement something else?

Although an object may be stationary in a room and not have any moving parts, wear and tear is still a very real concern. An antique cabinet in the corner of the room for example may occasionally be used to rest your hand on whilst stood in the lounge. Repetition of this over time will cause an item to show signs of usage which build up and eventually manifest as imperfections. This is why museum exhibits are often unavailable to touch and even the sturdiest of structures often appear behind subtle ropes and poles to prevent physical contact.

A genuine Persian rug is made using techniques that have been refined over a thousand years, which for mass manufactured area rugs the same certainly cannot be said. Whilst the quality of mass-produced floor coverings isn’t by modern standards ‘poor’, the old adage ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ makes the point rather eloquently. When standard rugs are designed to last for a few years, the manufacturing process of a Persian rug accepts that each piece will at the very least be passed down from generation to generation.

Not everything you purchase for your home needs to last to see in the new millennium, but the relatively higher cost of a genuine Persian rug is often outweighed by the fact that it can be quite feasibly by enjoyed by your great grand-children and their children after that. What else in your home will last that long aside from the special pieces that are carefully boxed in the attic?